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My journey with turmeric started from chronic physical pain and anxiety caused by my high-pressure job as a management consultant – traveling at least twice a week and working 80-plus-hour weeks. While searching for the root cause, I discovered that chronic inflammation impacts our brains and bodies and can lead to all sorts of health issues from muscle and joint pain to autoimmune diseases to cancer, depression, anxiety and more. The more I learned about my pain, the more determined I became to search for a natural cure, and that was when I rediscovered turmeric — something my mom incorporated into her daily cooking when I was growing up, but which I had taken for granted.

At first, I started popping turmeric pills because it was easy but quickly realized that since curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric isn’t bio-available, the pills were moving through my body without giving me any benefits. Soon after through additional research, I found that turmeric is far more effective when I integrated it into my food and beverage with a dash of black pepper or oil, to maximize absorption.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, I was eager to figure out a better way to incorporate turmeric into my daily routine. I tried some products already on the market but was disappointed by the taste and quality. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a tasty blend that I could use anywhere, at home, in a hotel room or at the airport. I also wanted to integrate other healing spices and superfoods that I had learned about. Last but not least, I was determined to create something I could truly enjoy — a blend that tasted so delicious I would crave it every day. Because what’s the point of something healthy if it doesn’t taste good!




When I first created my turmeric blend in 2013 as a way to manage chronic pain and inflammation, I had no intention of turning it into a business. Over the next few years, I was amazed by its positive impact on my health and wellness. It helped me get rid of my constant pain, and also improved my skin and enabled me to better handle the inevitable stress of my job. As a result, I started sharing the magic of turmeric with friends and family. Whenever I had a visitor at home, I would entertain them with a cup of golden milk, a turmeric lemonade or turmeric infused treat.

Pretty soon, my friends started referring to my beverages as “golden glow,” and the name stuck. Then they started requesting bags of it for themselves as well as for their friends, parents and grandparents. I gladly made small batches here and there — I was amazed that so many people were asking for it and getting on board with my turmeric infatuation.

Then, in February 2017, I was invited to serve my blend at an event with a few hundred strangers. To my surprise, it was a hit, even though there were other alcoholic options. So many people came up to me saying they’d heard about the benefits of turmeric but didn’t know how to use it, or didn’t like the taste until now. That was my “a-ha” moment —- “Oh, my glow!”

You see, a year before, I had finally left my management consulting job in search of a more fulfilling and meaningful career. Because I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness, I had launched a fitness tech start-up, but it wasn’t going the way I hoped. In fact, it failed after my business partner and I started having a different vision for our startup.

In the meantime, I’d been spending more and more time creating turmeric blends and spreading the word, and I loved every minute of it. It never felt like work because I enjoyed it so much and it came from such a personal place. Now I started to wonder — was THIS the business I was meant to create?

Which brings us to today. I like to think that GoldynGlow rose from the ashes of that previous business, and that failure and pain were what empowered me to find my true path. This is the beauty, the experience, the passion and the heart that you will find in every single bag of GoldynGlow. What I wish for you more than anything is that you, too, are transformed by the nourishing and healing power of our turmeric blends, just as I was, and that your journey from here onwards is always Goldyn.

Cheers to all you Glow Diggers! May you always find the glow in every situation in life.




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