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Glow Digger

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As a GLOW DIGGER, you are not only obsessed with finding a glow in every situation, but also finding your glow from the inside out. The GLOW DIGGER bundle includes:

  • One GOLDYN MYLK Turmeric Spice Blend - All Day Blend
    The traditional Ayurveda blend that promotes wellness and helps get rid of chronic inflammation. Drink as a "golden milk" with a warm cup of your preferred milk all day long.
  • One HAPPY Turmeric Superfood Blend with Cacao - Day Time 
    There is a small amount of caffeine in cacao making HAPPY a great alternative to coffee without the jitters and a healthy alternative to hot chocolate! Use this blend for a mood boost and to find your bliss. 
  • One ENERGY Turmeric Superfood Blend with Maca - Day Time 
    Consistent use of this blend will help balance your hormones and gives you natural energy, a great alternative to coffee without any jitters! Perfect for when you need a boost of energy without the caffeine. 
  • One CALM Turmeric Superfood Blend with Ashwagandha - Night Time
    Soothing and relaxing, this mild blend is perfect for bedtime or when you need a little zen in your life. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that helps the body cope with different environmental stressors, reducing anxiety and stress.
  • One DETOX Turmeric Superfood Blend with Dandelion- All Day Blend 
    This is a perfect blend for a detox tonic in the morning with hot water and lemon, or at night with hot water and apple cider vinegar. Additionally if you enjoy spicy food, this is a great mix to cook with or use as a marinade- use only one teaspoon or less to start!
  • One Bodum Schiuma Frother Wand - All Day Every Day
    This is a perfect tool to mix your GoldynGlow (or other) beverages to get a fluffy and even mixture.
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